Gloucester FM

Gloucester Broadcasters Association Inc. was formed in 2005. We applied for a temporary community broadcasting licence (TCBL). It took over 3 years but we now have a TCBL and have been broadcasting on 104.1FM since 1 June 2009.

The station is fully staffed by volunteers only and is funded by sponsorship advertising from mainly local businesses, memberships and donations. Like most community radio stations we run on a shoestring budget. We were successful this year in gaining a small amount of government funding through the volunteer grant program to help improve working conditions.

The transmitter that we are using at the moment is on loan. We will need to eventually purchase the transmitter. This will cost at least $2,300.

Numerous attempts at community radio in Gloucester have been made in the past and this is the longest that a community station has lasted. Your support and involvement is greatly needed for Bucketts Radio to achieve its short and long-term goals.

Our ultimate goal is to provide Gloucester with local news, information and entertainment.

Let’s have a community radio station that focuses on evens and issues that concern Gloucester.

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